The Talking Voice




I'm often told, "my voice gets tired" or "my mouth dries out" 


Damage can be done by talking incorrectly because of tight articulators and lack of laryngeal release.


Listeners will disengage if a tone is harsh, irritating, forced or mono toned.  This is often because of lack of knowledge, with not knowing how to change the tonal quality, create colour or project correctly so that pressure is not on the vocal muscle alone.


Goals are achieved through understanding how the human body produces sound.  Learning physics, frequencies of sound and how anatomy and kinetics of torso muscles in the body help support the vocal muscle to produce a better tonal quality with air and ultimately longevity of voice without the risk of vocal damage, vocal nodules and range restriction.


It is exciting to have the approval of doctors and otolaryngologist's support this teaching because the vocal muscle is not overloaded.


SPEAKERS:  Approximatley FIVE lessons will give you great understanding of how to use and produce a great audiable                   tone that people will enjoy listening to and not be bored or irritated by.


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