Love having feed back from clients.  Feedback helps me achieve the cutting edge of teaching.  Thank you all!


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Helen, I loved my first lesson, thank you so much for your time, can't wait till next week!
Mathew Harrison


"Thank you for Thursday. Jesse is so excited and has been fizzing and singing ever since.
We are very keen to commence lessons with you. "

 Jacqui & Jesse


Hi Helen
Would like to thank you for yesterday’s lesson. Anna is fizzing. She’s very analytical about things, so getting to learn the science behind it all was a revelation for her. Her first comment was that she’s learnt more in one lesson from you than she has all year. 
Kind Regards, Jackie. Nth Shore Auckland



Köhl Baira
3 October 2014 at 13:52 · Auckland 

Messing around and did a recording a with a cheap mic, emailed it and she knew how i was standing during the recording!!! I still think she had a camera on me somehow, respect to this lady...she knows her stuff. thanks Helen



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