For Singers & Speakers: Neck Tension is a Killer

So many good singers struggle with neck tension, particularly tensing this Mastoid muscle shown here.

Think about a stereo speaker, made up of a Tweeter, Woofer and Sub cones in a speaker box. These produce high, mid and low sounds or frequencies.

The human voice is the same producing these different frequencies of sound from the vibrations started as the AIR passes through the vocal muscle.

To produce good resonance in tonal quality (all these sounds), requires freeing the neck area from tension. Your mouth (and nose) is the "speaker" of your voice so tensing your neck muscles will stop the AIR carrying the lower or slower vibrations of the note being heard, producing a thinner sound because only the faster vibrations/higher sounds will be heard.

Tension over time will also cause sore throats, possible loss of voice and damage to the vocal muscle itself so this is important to work on.

Ways that I have over come neck tension is:

1. Stop thinking that the note is too high

2. Don't lift up your body (shoulders and head)

2. Relax and drop the shoulders down using the muscles below your armpits

3. Move your head freely from side to side releasing the urge to tense

4. Keep the chin down.

Practising these 4 things can help release any tension you may have and record yourself singing before and after and compare to see whether you voice is producing a fuller sound.

This is part of the curriculum of Laryngeal Bio-Mechanics.

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