Voice, Vocal Coach & Singing Teacher for Speaking or Singing Lessons, North Shore, Auckland


If you have a need to improve your speaking voice or singing voice with tone production, stability or reliability in public speaking or performance, Laryngeal Bio-mechanics has a great programme to give you just what you need.

This Curriculum, based on the Law of Sound and Anatomy of how the body works to produce great sound is easy to learn knowledge, putting you in control of your voice!

*No singing of unnecessary scales which are counter-productive - work with backing tracks

*Singing/Speaking sessions are recorded so you can HEAR, SEE, FEEL the improvement

*Learn how to REMOVE pressure from the Vocal Muscles to avoid vocal ​trauma ​

*Understand how human sound works so you can self maintain vocal health

*Improve TONE, Increase RANGE, Grow CONFIDENCE

1 hourly sessions rotate on a fortnightly bases - Group Workshops also available

EMAIL: helen.vocalcoach@gmail.com for any questions

PHONE: 0274-412421 Helen

I LOVE teaching this curriculum because it works and I want to see you become the best you can be.

Please CLICK through the above Website pages for more information

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