SINGERS: How to improve your voice without changing your style.

Human sound is no different from the law of sound. It all starts with a vibration that is carried on AIR. Human sound, known as saw tooth sound is made up of multiple frequency waves. When we don’t open the mouth enough (or tighten the back of the throat, see earlier posts) the lower frequencies are lost or not heard, due to less Air being expelled and because the vibration is a slower wave, it doesn’t have the velocity to be carried out. The faster vibrations or higher frequencies overtake and often a thinner or harsher sound is the result, especially in the higher range.

Sadly a lot of singers sing this way and don’t achieve their full capacity as a vocalist as it is the lower vibrations or frequencies in a fuller tone that bring about the beauty that the listener will find restful to listen to and be more attracted to sit and enjoy.

Laryngeal Bio-Mechanics teaches how torso muscles work to expel more Air to produce a better tonal quality achieving a FULL sound and taking stress and pressure away from the vocal muscle.

You will learn how to create the sound you want by understanding how the body produces sound, learning colour and textures you didn’t think possible.

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