SINGERS: Do you like to be shouted at?

Shouting at people is abusive right?

When singing, especially high notes, sometimes the only way we think we can achieve the note is to shout it. Wrong! Good singing is not about volume, that’s what we have a microphone for. Shouting notes is not only abusive to our audience, as it creates a thinner hasher tone and therefore unpleasant to listen to, it’s also abusive to your vocal muscle, as it’s the very thing that will start a sore throat and nodules.

Use less force with the AIR and more support with torso muscles, and take away that “shout” and work on resonance not volume. Also experiment with the textures of the palate (see earlier blogs).

And one more thing… :) If you are a good singer, don’t go yelling and shouting at the family sports outing either. Look after your instrument (vocal muscle) as it’s not easily replaced!

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