SINGERS : Do you sing through your NOSE?

If you're not sure whether you sing through your nose, here's a way to check.

Hold the end of your nose gently (like the image) and purposefully sing a note into the bone part of the nose like a "Narr" sound, you will feel a vibration, because where the note or AIR is, is where the vibration is.

Now try singing a note with a nice OPEN mouth, like a "Ahh" sound and check again gently holding your nose. If you don't feel any vibration that means you've redirected the AIR from your nose to now come through your mouth only, Yay!

Singing through your nose isn't always a bad thing, it's a different resonance or colour BUT if you stay singing in the nose area with a nasal sound then it becomes boring and predictable. Better to be a choice for effect rather than a habit. Now you know how to check when you sing songs :)

For more information click here

Nose Holding.jpg

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