CONTEMPORARY SINGERS: Is your singing a little... boring?

If we only sing in one area of the palate, then our voice will sound the same throughout a song and be rather…. boring and lack colour.

Using the different textures in the palate create a different sound. Try singing the sound/air into the hard part of the palate near the teeth and notice it will produce a harsher or sharper sound whereas positioning the sound/air in the soft part of the palate near the throat will produce a softer or flatter sound. This will be easier to do in the middle range of your voice.

Experiment where to sing different words in the phrase of a song and where it works best rather than singing it all in the same place, this will create more colour in your singing and make it more interesting to listen to….. have some fun with it :)


Record it on your smart phone, attach it and send it to me and I'll give you some feed back :) email me on:

to see


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