The Head Voice and the Chest Voice? Myth Busted!

I often hear vocal coaches and teachers making references to the Head Voice and the Chest Voice.

When you understand the law of sound, all sound starts with a vibration. A vibration, carried on Air becomes, Sound or a Frequency i.e No Air no Sound!

When we look at the human sound, Vibration starts in the Larynx as the air is exhaled. Therefore there is No area in the Chest for AIR to carry sound and there is no area in the Head for AIR to carry sound, therefore these terms are not correct and misleading.

The only areas that AIR can carry sound, is out through the Mouth or Nose!

I am very aware that these terms, Head Voice and Chest Voice are often used to explain the type of sound that is heard or where the sound is felt. But a better explanation would be, why the sound is different and what is it that makes it different. What makes it different is the different textures in the palate.

I teach based on these principles so that very clear and effective understanding is taught. Don't waste time with confusing and misleading teaching. Email me to book a session and achieve great results for 2015. Click HERE or email me on

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