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Why Choose me?


I am a specialist in Laryneal Bio-mechanics.  What does that mean?  Rotational body singing.  e.g using the Kenetics (connectors) of muscles in the body to help take away pressure from the vocal muscle.  


It is exciting to have this work commended by Otolaryngologiests and specialists alike that assess vocal overloading that creates voice problems.


How does this work?


You learn understanding of how muscles are co-joined and work together to help produce good technique that takes away pressure from the vocal muscle.  It is not just about the diaphragm, this muscle is involuntary and controlled by the brain alone, even while you sleep! There are bigger muscles in the torso that help expel & stablise AIR flow, carring the vibration from the larynx and producing a great sound.  Using these bigger muscles, in this way will prevent vocal problems such as vocal nodules, stress capillaries, polops and premature Senial Vibrato or wobbling of the voice at a earlier stage in life.



How long does it take?


How long does it take to train for a marathon?  Like anything it is what you put into practise and training.  You will train like an athelete so your voice will become balanced and strong.  


SINGERS:  it is a collation of approximatley FIVE lessons that will give you the foundational lessons and critiquing that                 will get your body working correctly.  After those initial lessons it's up to you how long you want to learn                   the complete understanding of how to achieve the best from your voice.  The curriculum can take you up                   to two years of amazing stuff that will grow your confidence enabling you to be the best vocalist you can                     be.  


SPEAKERS:  Approximatley FIVE lessons will give you great understanding of how to use and produce a great audiable                   tone that people will enjoy listening to and not be bored or irritated by.


How will I know it's working?


You will be able to FEEL and HEAR the differences plus I use a recording programme that will record a before and after Audio wave picture of your singing enabling you to also SEE the difference as you experience the change in your Range, Tonal quality and Control.



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